PHASA using a heat stake system, heat stake.

Intro - PHASA is one of the World's leading plastic assembly equipment manufacturers.

PHASA have over 30 years experience in plastic assembly and manufacture a standard range of PHASA machines with customised PHASA tooling for the assembly and joining of plastic components using a heat staking process.

Research and development supported with an experienced electronic, design and engineering staff is core to companies ongoing success.

The PHASA process uses non-contact hot air and cold tool for forming a rivet type fixture commonly known as staking and making for a repeatable and very capable process. PHASA undertakes plastic assembly projects primarily within the automotive sector supplying world wide to most Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies. PHASA machines are used for the assembly of  interiors, exterior and electronic parts, offering a robust and cost effective plastic joining heatstaking alternative to contact hot tool, ultrasonic and Impulse staking.

The PHASA manufacturing and design centre is located within the UK  at Newmarket near Cambridge. 80% of all production is exported primarily to Central Europe and Asia which are supported by a network of local PHASA sales and service agents.

The name PHASA representing Plastic Hot Air Staking Assembly has become a generic term for plastic assembly.



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