Phasa interior plastic assembly applications

  1. Staking Brass Contactors into a Plastic housing

    Type of Product: Electrical Box
    Material: GF/Brass
    Part Size: 170 x 108 x 46
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40 (x2 parts)
    Number of Stakes: 7 Round Solid
    Specification Requirements Project Considerations Secure fixing without movement of the brass connectors.

  2. Gearbox Control

    Type of Product: Gearbox
    Material: PA6.6 GF30
    Part Size: 210 x 80 x 40
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40
    Number of Stakes: 11
    Vehicle: Audi
    Specification Requirements Two operations staking first electronic sensors with flexlink then staking cover to retain and protect. Harsh operating environment with high temperatures. Both staking operations processed in one pass.

  3. Engine Management System

    Type of Product: Control Box
    Material: PBT GF30
    Part Size: 160 x 120 x 50
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 10/30
    Number of Stakes: 5
    Vehicle: Renault
    Specification Requirements Staking populated PCB into Housing. Tight secure fixing required held by pneumatic clamps. Forming tools having individual force sensors recording error for under 200N.

  4. Computer, Sockets, Telephone, PCBs

    Type of Product: Circuit Connectors
    Material: Various onto PCB
    Part Size: Various Products
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 10/30 and 20/40
    Number of Stakes: Up to 150
    Vehicle: N/A
    Specification Requirements Staking populated PCB with connectors for electrical, telephone and computer circuits. Both populated boards and preparing to be soldered, multiple parts onto a Motherboard up to 150 staking points in one process pass.

  5. Steering Control System

    Type of Product: Steering Control system
    Material: PCB and carrier on Aluminium Base
    Part Size: 140 x 110 x 50
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa Automatic Head Flow Line
    Number of Stakes: 4
    Vehicle: Various
    Specification Requirements Staking PCB and carrier onto base plate. High volume (one part every 5 seconds) using standard Phasa process head integrated within a flow lime pallet type system. Incorporating a switching staking head for easy tool change different versions.

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