1. Multi Stake GF Material

    Type of Product: Roof substrate
    Material: PA6 GF
    Part Size: 920x 300 x 50
    Phasa Machine Type: 20/80H
    Number of Stakes: 50 ribs  10 x 1.5
    Vehicle: Volvo
    Specification Requirements Cover to be Tight with high strength joint. Over 50 ribs processed in one operation. Glass filled material

  2. Exterior Lamps

    Type of Product: Two operation one machine
    Material: Rear Lamps PCB
    Part Size: 380x200x70
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/80
    Number of Stakes: 10
    Vehicle: Bentley
    Specification Requirements PCB with 150 LED no damage to components. No marking of polished aluminised "A" surface. Tooling for RH adn LH parts.


  3. Retention of a Car Door Rubber Seal

    Type of Product: Front Door Gator
    Handed Pair
    Material: ABS PP / Rubber
    Part Size: 130 x 80 x 10
    Phasa Machine Type: 20/40B
    With Camera System
    Number of Stakes: 30
    Vehicle: Toyota
    Specification Requirements The example showing an Automotive handed door trim part with a retained rubber gator being secured by 15 staking points each.
    A Phasa camera system is sensing the rubber seal(s), base mouldings and six white clips as well as confirming presence of the automatic plate clamp without cluttering the load area. There is also the additional facility for colour part variant identification, automatic bar code reading, and process record retention often at a lesser cost than the traditional hard wired options.

  4. Chrome and Painted Surfaces

    Type of Product: Inner Wheel
    Hub Caps
    Material: PP – Chrome Coated
    Part Size: 100 x 100 x 30
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40
    Number of Stakes: 5
    Vehicle: Bentley
    Specification Requirements Chrome plated surround staked onto Plastic carrier no “A” surface marking. Two parts per process operation four tool change variations for different style options.

  5. Painted and Chrome Plated Surface

    Type of Product: Front and Side Grille
    Material: ABS PP
    Part Size: 1100x400x160
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/80
    Number of Stakes: 32
    Vehicle: Range Rover
    Specification Requirements Chrome plated surround with a staked painted insert no “A” surface marking or surface edge degradation allowed with a tight and secure fixing. Badge in place sensed for orientation and variant with press action.


  6. Vehicle Lighting

    Type of Product: LED Rear Lights
    Material: PP / Aluminium
    Part Size: 400 x 150 x 200
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40
    Number of Stakes: 62
    Vehicle: Audi
    Specification Requirements Multi staking points with different tooling sets for high volume production. Secure fixing without damage to LED. Sensing, clamping and LED function confirmation with project fully supported in China.

  7. Vehicle Protection

    Type of Product: Bumper / Fender
    Material: ABS GF
    Part Size: 1860 x 480 x 300
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 80/40
    Number of Stakes: 62
    Vehicle: Vauxhall
    Specification Requirements Large part Multi staking points of ribs and tubular. Difficult fixing with clamping during process. Colour option sensed painted part with secure fixing points.


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