1. High Strength

    Type of Product: Seat Backboard
    Material: PC/ABS backboards with polypropylene map pockets
    Part Size: 580 x 511 x 150
    Phasa Machine Type: 40/40
    Number of Stakes: 9 tubular  6 od x 3.5 id
    Vehicle: Volvo
    Specification Requirements Pocket to be Tight with high strength joint. Tooling to process different thicknesses of substrate including grained moulding, vinyl covered and leather covered assemblies and still produce tight joints

  2. Special Surface

    Type of Product: Centre IP Unit
    Material: ABS PP
    Part Size: 320 x 300 x 40
    Phasa Machine Type: 20/40B
    Number of Stakes: 21
    Vehicle: Renault
    Specification Requirements A High Gloss in-mould surface finish No 'A' surface marking allowed, thin separate chrome edge strip, tight assemblies for multi product versions, bar code reading with clip and colour sensing.

  3. Strength and Safety Critical

    Type of Product: Airbag
    Material: ABS / Aluminium
    Part Size: 450 x 380 x 200
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40E
    Number of Stakes: 42
    Vehicle: Aston Martin
    Specification Requirements A secure multi point fixing ABS to Aluminium carrier, double staked fixing points welded as one. Tight access areas with differing profiles. Leather covered no “A”marking allowed. One machine processing handed parts with tool changing.


  4. Multi Staked Points

    Type of Product: Front Door - Handed
    Material: ABS PP / POM
    Part Size: 1040 x 600 x 180
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 40/80
    Number of Stakes: 68
    Vehicle: Mercedes
    Specification Requirements Multi staked front door handed pair. Up to eight different versions with part confirmation using a combination of sensors and Bar code readers. Process time for completed part 54 seconds. Different substrate coverings and padding, plain, plastic or leather with no marking to the “A” face. Different selection of plastic materials used to be all processed together in one pass.


  5. Vertical and Horizontal Staking

    Type of Product: Centre Console
    Material: PP
    Part Size: 500 x 300 x 90
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40E
    Number of Stakes: 22
    Vehicle: Citroen
    Specification Requirements Secure fixing points staked both Vertical and Horizontal in one pass. No “A” face marking with sensing of variants.




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