1. Electric Kettle

    Type of Product: Electric Kettle
    Material: Special with membrane
    Part Size: 200 x 160 x 160
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 20/40 with extended height
    Number of Stakes: 1 x circumference
    Customer: Philips
    Specification Requirements Joint development with customer for staking an electric heating element into base of the body with a membrane seal to prevent water leaks. Complete circumference heated then re-formed to give a tight and ascetic appearance.

  2. Tape Measure

    Type of Product: Tape Measure
    Material: PC onto ferrous painted strip.
    Part Size: 3000 x 20 x 10
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 10/30
    (Adapted for coiled length of part)
    Number of Stakes: 4
    Customer: Fisco
    Specification Requirements Staking end slide stop onto tape rule. Accuracy required every time for position and end clip required to slide to position without becoming loose with ascetic appearance.

  3. Electric Motor

    Type of Product: Fan Housing and bearing
    Material: PBT onto ferrous plate and Bearing.
    Part Size: 120 x 40 x 40
    Phasa Machine Type: Phasa 10/40
    Number of Stakes: 4 Plus Roll Over for Bearing
    Customer: Electrolux
    Specification Requirements Staking the metal cap to the fan cover with a bearing insert. The fixing had to be consistent for position and tight without slip.


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