Anglo French cooperation between Phasa and mecasonic

At the recent FIP Exhibition in Lyon Two leading companies in Plastic assembly- PHASA based in Newmarket England and MECASONIC in Annemosse France concluded an agreement for Mecasonic to sell and service the Phasa product range throughout the French market under the Mecasonic Brand name.

Said Serge Patamia CEO Mecasonic “this is great news not only for Mecasonic but our customers too, in having the Phasa technology to offer alongside our own existing products it opens up areas of plastic assembly that otherwise proved difficult to overcome, particularly with electronics, heavy glass filled materials and chrome covered stakes”.

“For some time now we have been working with Phasa to tailor their product to precisely suite our market place and be able to answer the technical questions as well as giving the local support expected. All our people are excited in the new possibilities we can now offer to our customers and it bring us closer to our ultimate goal of a one stop shop for plastic assembly”.

Terry Elvidge for Phasa commented “this move fits our strategy well and in working with such a strong technical company as Mecasonic we are further developing local partnerships to serve and support individual market places. For Phasa France is a most important and local growing market and we recognise that if we are to do justice for our process we need local people on the ground to fully understand the needs, spread the word and support the product. We look forward to working closely with Mecasonic and meeting their customer’s requirements”.



Four years ago PHASA completed a management buy out from US Headquartered Truck-Lite automotive equipment group and moved its design and production to Newmarket UK.

Since the early 1985 PHASA has pioneered the development of plastic hot air cold stake for the assembly of thermoplastic components. The system is capable of producing over 200 riveted fixings in a single operation and is equally suitable for the pre-loading of seals or the retention of bearings and threaded inserts.  The process provides a simple and effective method of achieving permanent, low-cost and vibration resistant fastenings in thermoplastic components and assemblies, making it the ideal choice for applications throughout manufacturing industry - particularly within the automotive, IT equipment and domestic appliance sectors.


About Mecasonic

From the early 1970’s MECASONIC have developed their expertise and experience in the manufacture of plastic welding equipment, serving Automotive, Food, Textiles, Medical and Packaging Industries.

MECASONIC is highly regarded for its products, tooling and customer service. The name is synonymous with quality, sturdiness and innovation.


Editors’ Note:

For further information, please call Terry Elvidge at PHASA on +44 (0)1638 561 478 or Serge Patamia at MECASONIC on + 33 04 50 87 73 00.


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