1. Anglo French cooperation between Phasa and mecasonic

    At the recent FIP Exhibition in Lyon Two leading companies in Plastic assembly- PHASA based in Newmarket England and MECASONIC in Annemosse France concluded an agreement for Mecasonic to sell and service the Phasa product range throughout the French market under the Mecasonic Brand name.

  2. Under Pressure

    EU legislation came in to action late last year making it mandatory for all new vehicles to be fitted with tyre pressure sensors, since then the market leading company have seen an increase in volume of production and have returned to PHASA for more machines to deal with the increased demand.

  3. Future of safety

    PHASA have produced many machines over the last 25 years to process various safety critical parts, and have recently worked with 2 European Automotive manufactures on assemblies for the new Volvo XC90. Phasa supplied a 40/80 machine to Estonia to assemble PC/ABS Seat backboards with polypropylene map pockets and a 20/80 machine to C&C Plast, Czech Republic for PA6GF Plastic roof components.

  4. Increased throughput

    Servo-motion control slices critical seconds off plastic joining machines for car doors

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