PHASA Machine and Tooling Options.

In addition to manufacturing a standard range of Machines with customised Tooling, PHASA are able to offer a full range of options that can be added to suite individual requirements and costs. Developed over many years and working with customers the following items are available:

·      Tool recognition with HMI pictorial confirmation.

·      Individual tool in place by sensor with HMI confirmation.

·      The PHASA Air Supply System (PASS) will save in excess of 50% of the machines normal compressed air usage.

·      The PHASA Quality Management System (PQM) is able to capture, print and record process parameters live and to view over the network for complete production and quality management control.

·      Bar code reading and connection to standard Zebra label Printer.

·      Remote Diagnostic system via a VPN link or Modem.

·      Variety of part sensing options including colour, inductive and laser.

·      Infrared and colour camera system exclusively programmed and developed for PHASA Machines additionally including bar code reading.

·      Individual Staking force sensors with pressure parameters linked to the HMI.

·      Variety of part clamping including manual, pneumatic and forming tool clamp pins with auto part unload.

·      Tooling designed for vertical and horizontal staking in one pass.

·      Individual Zone controlled Tooling for combining different plastic components.

·      Tool storage and load assist device.

If your requirement is not covered here we will endeavour to meet your additional need.



To discuss your individual requirements call us on +44 (0)1638 561 478

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