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Plastic Hot Air Stake Assembly

PHASA manufactures a range of standard and bespoke machines and tooling for the joining together of all types of assemblies in which at least one component is plastic. We supply to the automotive, medical, electronics, and white goods sectors throughout the world.


The PHASA Heat Staking Process

PHASA pioneered and developed the Plastic Hot Air Stake Assembly technology. Our process is used for the assembly of a wide range of plastic components and is suitable for use with many different types of plastic materials. Our machines are individually manufactured to our customer’s specific application and our process is particularly suitable for applications where other plastic welding technologies may not be suitable due to factors such as the presence of sensitive electronic components, type of plastic or cost.


At PHASA we provide solutions for varied and complex projects for all major vehicle manufacturers. Plastic assembly applications include interior, exterior and electronic parts for the automotive industry as well as other bespoke solutions.

Parts include; instrument panels, seats, steering wheels, engine, gearbox management systems, filter assemblies, LED lights, grilles and bumpers.


About Us


Phasa have over 35 years experience in plastic assembly and manufacture a standard range of Phasa machines with customised Phasa tooling for the assembly and joining of plastic components using a heat staking process.

Research and development supported with an experienced electronic, design and engineering staff is core to the companies ongoing success.

The Phasa process uses non-contact hot air and cold tool for forming a rivet type fixture commonly known as staking and making for a repeatable and very capable process. Phasa undertakes plastic assembly projects for the automotive, medical, electronics and white goods sectors supplying world wide to most Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies. Phasa machines offer a robust and cost effective plastic joining heatstaking alternative to contact hot tool, ultrasonic and Impulse staking.

The Phasa manufacturing centre is located in a 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland and the design centre is located at Newmarket near Cambridge. 80% of all production is exported primarily to Central Europe and Asia which are supported by a network of local Phasa sales and service agents.

The name PHASA representing Plastic Hot Air Staking Assembly has become a generic term for plastic assembly.


The Best in Technology

In addition to manufacturing a standard range of machines with customised Tooling, PHASA are able to offer a full range of options that can be added to suite individual requirements and costs. Developed over many years and working with customers the following items are available…

PHASA Machine and Tooling Options

Tool recognition with HMI pictorial confirmation.

Individual tool in place by sensor with HMI confirmation.

The PHASA Air Supply System (PASS) will save in excess of 50% of the machines normal compressed air usage.

The PHASA Quality Management System (PQM) is able to capture, print and record process parameters live and to view over the network for complete production and quality management control.

Bar code reading and connection to standard Zebra label Printer.

Remote Diagnostic system via a VPN link or Modem.

Variety of part sensing options including colour, inductive and laser.

Infrared and colour camera system exclusively programmed and developed for PHASA Machines additionally including bar code reading.

Individual Staking force sensors with pressure parameters linked to the HMI.

Variety of part clamping including manual, pneumatic and forming tool clamp pins with auto part unload.

Tooling designed for vertical and horizontal staking in one pass.

Individual Zone controlled Tooling for combining different plastic components.

Tool storage and load assist device.

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