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At PHASA we provide solutions for varied and complex projects for a wide range of industrial sectors. This includes all the major vehicle manufacturers, medical and scientific companies, industrial and many other applications. Plastic assembly applications include interior, exterior and electronic parts for the automotive industry, plastic assembly of intricate medical and scientific devices as well as many other bespoke solutions.



Volvo automotive interior dashboard

Phasa supplies most of the worlds Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive companies with machines and tooling for a wide variety on interior and exterior parts.


Medical & Scientific


Phasa supply heat staking machines to some of the worlds largest pharmaceutical and scientific companies.


The Phasa process is an ideal solution for fixing PCB’s in to plastic assembles when other techniques such as ultrasonic welding may harm the sensitive electronic components.


Phasa machines are used in a very wide range of industries which manufacture plastic goods or goods containing plastic.